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Rimon Group is the largest Israeli private contractor in water infrastructure projects and one of the leading contractor in Israel in laying and installing water and natural gas pipeline networks.

Rimon carries out and delivers complex infrastructure projects such as water and natural gas networks, water reservoirs, pumping stations (for effluent, water & reused water), water wells, complex marine works, construction waste recycling and other civil infrastructure works.

Rimon has extensive and unique experience in HDD and pipe jacking works in the water and natural gas markets. To date, Rimon has deployed and laid over 2,000km of water and NG pipeline networks with diameter of up to 300cm and in different types of soils.

Construction Group Companies

Ofek - Atarim

Ofek – Atarim is the construction arm of Rimon Group for water and natural gas infrastructure projects, servicing both Rimon’s own operations and its clients.

Ofek is a Registered Contractor with the highest classifications for carrying out water lines, sewage & drainage works, construction works, roads, infrastructure and development works with unlimited monetary scope. Rimon is also classified for E&M works. 

Rimon Drilling

Rimon Drilling specializes in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and Pipe Jacking works, providing services for water and natural gas infrastructure projects located in rural and urban areas alike, in various types of soils, while crossing existing infrastructure such as roads, rail tracks, communication lines and more.

Rimon Drilling also performs complex marine works such as desalination plants’ intake seawater & brine discharge systems.

Owned machinery includes 5 HDD machines with pulling forces of 15-45 tons and drilling diameters capabilities of up to 100cm and 6 pipe jacking machines (both open and close shields) with external diameters of up 310cm.


With over 40 years of knowledge and experience, mer-terre is a leader in unique marine and offshore works (including in deep water) including deep foundations, piles works, shafts construction, underground water pumping, marine digging, soil enhancement, pipelines welding and complex concrete works.

mer-terre manages each project’s  entire supply chain – design, construction and operations.

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Barel Rimon Infrastructure

Founded in 1996 under the name of ‘Asik Infrastructure’, Barel Rimon has since than successfully delivered numerous mega projects in various civil engineering disciplines. Barel’s clients include governmental owned companies, municipalities, water corporation and more.

Barel Rimon is a Registered Contractor with a classification for performing construction works, roads, water, sewerage & drainage works, , bridges and pumping stations. In addition, Barel is certificated by the Israeli Standards Institute as an Aggregates and Beddings manufacturer.

Barel Rimon owns Tagal Systems & Water Treatment company, which specializes in construction and upgrading of effluent treatment facilities, water and sewage pumping stations, diesel fuel systems and pressure increase systems and Ecosik Ltd, which operates a waste recycling facility (including dry waste, mixed construction waste, industrial waste, recycled iron and more).

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The Spanish Europea de Hincas Teledirigidas, S.A. (EUROHINCA) was established in 1996 for the execution pipeline networks using pipe jacking method with TBM machines, both on and offshore.

Since its incorporation, EUROHINCA has executed and successfully delivered over 200 projects all over the globe, completing about 100km of tunnels.

Company’s services are provided to both the public and private sectors.

Eurohinca has the highest Spanish classifications for civil works contractor, including water supply, sewage and outfalls.

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