Water & Wastewater

Rimon builds, owns & operates 9 regional agricultural effluent reuse projects in Israel, in which we provide water and wastewater treatment & supply services and in which we sell water for agricultural use and drinking water for industrial and private sectors.

Additional regional projects are under development as we continue to expand our network.

Rimon also built, owns and operates an industrial brine treatment and discharge facility in the premises of a world leading technological company, which is expected to triple its capacity in 2023.

50 Mm³/year
Water & Reused Wastewater Supply


Private Water Distributor in Israel
Water & Wastewater


Rimon develops, designs, builds, finances and operates natural gas driven power plants, industrial cogeneration power plants, which supply electricity & heat to its clients and solar PV floating systems, which are installed above water reservoirs and which a few are owned by the Rimon.

Our power plants are significantly cost effective and are designed to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

Operating Assets:

Gan Shmuel – a 3.3MW electricity and 1.6 tons steam/hour cogeneration power plant located in Kibbutz Gan Shmuel. The power plant was delivered in 2020 and serves most of the Kibbutz’s energy demand.

Ambar South – a 4MW electricity and 1.4 tons steam/hour cogeneration power plant located at the premises of Ambar feed mill. The power plant was delivered in 2018 and serves most of the energy demand of Ambar’s facility.

Granot – a 5MW electricity and 3.4 tons steam/hour cogeneration plant located at Granot Factories, which supports the regional agriculture industry. The power plant was delivered in 2019 and serves the entire energy demand of Granot Factories’ facility.

Rimon continues to develops its portfolio and is expected to complete the construction of  additional 8 plants, with a total capacity of over 22MW, during 2023-2024.

Cogeneration sites


11 MW
total installed capacity


10 MW
of PV
Solar Roofs

Natural Gas

We own 2 regional natural gas distribution networks in Northern and Central Israel, under 25-years BOT agreements with the State of Israel. Rimon builds and operates these networks while servicing various clients from the private and public sectors.

350 km
of Networks


Annual Distribution
Natural Gas

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