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At Rimon Group, we deliver over 25 years of expertise for the Water and Energy markets. As a Leading contractor in unique underground projects and the top private regional water distributor in Israel, and with global proven track record, we stand for best practices for engineering capabilities, costs and operational optimization and long-lasting partnerships.
We provide customized End-to-End solutions, to both the public and private sectors, from small to large scale projects.


Yossef (Yossi) Almalem


Yossef (Yossi) Almalem / CEO

Yossi founded Rimon Group in 1997 and lead it since then, bringing it to its current position as a market leader. Yossi is a well experienced and knowledgeable decision makers in Israel’s water and energy markets. Yossi holds an MBA in Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and currently studies for a PHD in Economics at the University of Haifa.

Carmel Yogev

Deputy CEO

Carmel Yogev / Deputy CEO

Carmel joined Rimon in 1999 as one of its first employees. Carmel has an extensive experience in delivering mega infrastructure projects in the water, energy and natural gas markets. Carmel has a profound background in strategy, entrepreneurship, business development, financing and leading operations. Carmel holds an MBA in Management (Finance and Strategy) from the University of Tel Aviv.

Avi Almalem

Construction Div. Manager

Avi Almalem / Construction Div. Manager

Avi joined Rimon Group in 2002 as the Head of Rimon’s Economic Department and after several years, assumed his current positions. Avi has rich experience in development, construction and operation of large-scale infrastructure projects. Avi holds an MBA in Business Administration from Ono Academic College.

Keren Toltsis


Keren Toltsis / CFO

Keren joined Rimon Group in 2009 and serves as group CFO since 2016. Prior to her current position, Keren served as Rimon’s Controller. Before joining Rimon, Keren served as a Senior Accountant at Ernst & Young. Keren holds a B.A. in Economics-Accounting from the University of Haifa.

Tal Dayan

Energy Div. Manager

Tal Dayan / Energy Div. Manager

Tal, who joined Rimon in 2022, has a rich experience in the energy field in general and electricity and natural gas generation & supply in particular. In its previous position, Tal served as VP of Trade and Business Development of Rapac Energy. Tal has a BA in Economic and Business Administration from Haifa University and an MBA in Finance and Accounting from Tel Aviv University.

Sigal Shahar


Sigal Shahar / VP HR

Sigal works at Rimon Group since 2003. Prior to her current position, Sigal served as Rimon’s Logistic & Procurement Manager. Sigal holds a Degree in Bookkeeping from Ramat Gan College and completed additional studies in HR management from the Open University in Israel.

Gil Etzion

VP Business Development

Gil Etzion / VP Business Development

Gil who joined Rimon in 2021, has rich experience in large scale complex projects. Gil was the Founder & CEO of several Mer Group's companies in Latin America and CEO of Mer’s Cleantech. Gil also served as CEO of a Netafim Brazil and VP Construction & Africa in Tahal. Prior joining Rimon, Gil served as VP Engineering & Development in Trans Israel. Gil holds M.Sc. in Bio-Medical Engineering and B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Israel Institute of Technology.

Shaul Haik

Global Div. Manager

Shaul Haik / Global Div. Manager

Shaul joined Rimon Group in 2018. Prior to joining Rimon, Shaul served as the CTO of Shikun & Binui Water. Shaul has deep experience in large-scale complex engineering water and wastewater projects and broad background in water supply, drainage, wastewater treatment and reuse of wastewater effluents both locally and abroad. Shaul holds a B.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering from Israel Institute of Technology.

Yaron Attar

VP Procurement

Yaron Attar / VP Procurement

Yaron, who joined Rimon Group in 2022, has a rich experience in procurement & supply chain management both in civilian and military industries. Prior to joining Rimon, Yaron served in several senior rolls at Hameshavev Co., Ashot Ashkelon of Elbit Group and Tadbik Group. Yaron holds a B.A in Economics from Tel Aviv University.

Roi Malihi

Water Division Manager

Roi Malihi / Water Division Manager

Roi has joined Rimon as Project Manager in the Construction Division. Over the years. Roi has been promoted to the positions of Water Treatment Dept. Manager and later Water Development Dept. Manager. In 2019, Roi was appointed as the Water Division Manager. Roi holds an MBA in Behavioral Economic from Reichman University.

Shani Sahar

General Counsel

Shani Sahar / General Counsel

Shani joined Rimon Group in 2020. Prior to joining Rimon Group, Shani served as an In-House Counsel of Dan Public Transportation Company, a leading public transportation company. Shani holds LLB and B.A. in Political Science/Government from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya


Environmental sustainability and social responsibility are integral and significant parts of our philosophy and operations.
All of our solutions are not only environmentally friendly, but they also contribute to the economic & social development of the communities in which we operate and to which we provide our solutions. This in turn, not only enable us to maintain the environment but also enables us to contribute back to our surrounding nature.


Throughout the years, Rimon  has partnered, and continues doing so, with various and different entities including our clients, business partners and suppliers, which operate in a wide variety of markets.

Rimon maintains a successful track record of its business relationships with its partners while delivering excellent business results.

As part of Rimon’s approach, we are able to adapt ourselves to the different requirements and needs of our clients and partners and together, build long-lasting relationships.

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